connect to what matters

Knowing God

We were created for relationship with our creator. We are building habits around prayer and the bible that help us to walk with Jesus.


The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is what opens the door for us to be with Jesus together, now and for all eternity!! We strive to be centered on, motivated by, and rooted in the gospel. We will preach the gospel, listen to the gospel, speak the gospel, and strive to find our identity in the gospel.


In a world of noise, propoganda and often lies, we are learning to think deeply, biblically and prayerfully. We want to ground our thoughts and actions in truth and not live by lies. We believe Jesus is truth and so is his word. By seeking and speaking truth we can live free from lies and help others do the same. The truth sets us free. 


We are learning to slow down and enjoy the beautiful creation that is all around us. To live more of our life with childlike wonder as we gaze at the stars, get lost in the woods or feel the chill of the Puget Sound against our skin. We embrace nature as a gift to be opened and enjoyed.

Knowing SELF

We are human. Not a machine. Not a god. We have limits and are learning to live with beautiful margin. Embracing our weakness, discovering our calling and learning to be who God created us to be. Resisting the dehumanizing cycle of comparison and compulsion or the temptation to try to be someone else.

knowing others

We are learning to embrace face-to-face relationships in  a world of screens and masks.  Enjoying the sacredness of one another and enjoying real in person relationships in a world of online acquaintances.

Knowing fun

God created us for laughter, adventure, play and recreation. In Part 1 of the Bible he literally commanded parties, feasts and concerts!! We want make sure that we pause to play, celebrate and party together.